NAA Lawsuit Resources Toolkit

Posted By: Karey Landers Industry,

As you have likely heard, the National Apartment Association (NAA) will soon file a lawsuit against the federal government seeking compensation for business losses suffered under the unlawful U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) eviction moratorium. Importantly, any housing provider, member or nonmember, that has been subject to and suffered losses under the CDC eviction moratorium can join NAA as a plaintiff. GIAA knows first-hand the challenges and struggles the industry has faced throughout Iowa and understands the importance of this endeavor.

While engaging in any litigation is a business decision, please weigh the importance of your participation in this suit when considering your options. NAA must demonstrate the moratorium’s devastating and unintended consequences and your individual experiences under the moratorium matter -- no rental housing owner or operator should be forced to pay for the government’s eviction moratorium, and this is the only industry lawsuit seeking compensation for your losses. Additional information about the lawsuit, including eligibility, can be found here.

Countless housing providers have acted in good faith and helped their residents stay in their homes, but the same understanding has not been shown to our industry. But now, countless small businesses, livelihoods and retirements are in jeopardy and NAA is leading the charge to change that with this litigation. If you have any questions about the litigation, please feel free to contact NAA General Counsel John McDermott and please direct any local media inquiries to Karey Landers, AACO Executive Director, ay