New Ordinance Requires Property Owners to Fix Dilapidated Outdoor Signs

Posted By: Karey Landers AACO Resources, Industry,


To beautify business corridors and neighborhoods citywide, Oklahoma City Council adopted sign codes on Feb.13 that require property owners to better maintain their outdoor signage.

The new sign ordinance will take effect March 15. Signs that are dilapidated, damaged, deteriorated, defaced, abandoned, illegible or no longer advertise the business on the property will likely violate the new ordinance.

Property owners who receive a notice of violation for a dilapidated sign will be able to provide Code Enforcement with a plan of action that brings the sign into compliance. If the signs are not fixed, the City can hire a contractor to remove the sign at the property owner’s expense.

“Neglected signs are not only an eyesore, but they contribute to the deterioration of our city,” Code Enforcement Superintendent Chad Davidson said. “We prefer compliance over citations, so we will give property owners time to bring their signs into compliance.”

To report a dilapidated sign, call the Action Center at (405) 297-2535 or submit a request online at Customer service representatives will need the address of the dilapidated sign.

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