BX Committee Meeting

The business exchange event is held on the off years from the Trade Show to help provide a platform for com-munication and benefits exchange between suppliers and management key decision makers. The Business ex-change committee will solicit suppliers to participate while securing attendance by key decision makers of a variety of management members. You’ll also promote the event, secure sponsorships, select the venue and create the event layout/ timeline of events. As with the trade show, we want to ensure that both suppler and apartment attendees both walk away feeling they benefitted from attending.

Want to join the committee? Email Karey at Klanders@aacoonline.org

BX Committee Chairs 

Chair- Lita Vesely, First Choice Management Company 

Co-Chair- Summer Muno, AZ Partsmaster

Co-Chair - Vernessa Badley, Hamilton Point Property Management

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Lita Vesely

Lita Vesely


Central Support Analyst, First Choice Management Group

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