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The Flying Locksmiths

The Flying Locksmiths

500 N. Meridian Ave Suite 108-B
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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Company Overview

The Flying Locksmiths have been installing confidence since 1946. Dedication to customer service, commitment to quality workmanship and a passion for identifying the newest industry technology have been the pillars of TFL’s success during those 70 years.

Are you worried about who else might be using your amenities besides the residents? Are you frustrated with the keying system, access control system or security camera system you currently have in your properties? Would you like to attract younger generation such Gen-Z and Millennials to your properties?

If any of these questions resonate with you, we can assist.

Our clients who call us have peace of mind knowing that they are in full control of their properties. We provided our clients with different high tech access control and security camera options that assist them in managing their amenities, common areas, gate as well as resident doors efficiently.
Our highly skilled locksmiths will install locks, cameras, access control systems, door hardware or even completely new doors and frames! Our teams work on the entire opening to ensure that all components of your security system are properly spec’d, installed, aligned and coordinated. It was clear, that with multiple companies dealing with different aspects of that opening, things could easily go awry.


Azieb Tesfaselassie President
AACO Logo Supplier Member

Areas of Expertise
Building Materials, Key Control, Security