NAA Five, for the Week Ending January 13th, 2023

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The Big Picture: This week, the media focused heavily on housing policy under consideration to ease affordability challenges. Notable stories focused on a recent EPA rule, Los Angeles' eviction protections and credit screening. 
What We're Advocating

Against Rent Control: Rent control proposals are gaining steam in two Maryland counties, where local governments are considering up to a 5% cap on rent increases. AOBA and MMHA have been quick to mobilize against the potential measures. Read more

Deeper Dive: Stay up to date with the latest in housing politics with NAA’s Apartment Advocate

What We're Saying
EPA: “Ultimately, this expanded WOTUS definition will only add to the long list of regulatory hurdles apartment developers and operators must jump through to provide housing to America’s renters. The resulting permitting delays and increased costs will exacerbate the nation’s housing affordability challenges. The administration should be looking for ways to make development easier, not harder,” NAA’s Ben Harrold told Multi-Housing News. Read more
What We're Doing

#NAAGives: NAA has launched a new video showing the rental housing industry’s power of fostering community and giving back. Watch now and share it with your networks. 

What We're Hearing

Rental Market: “The hope is the rental-market adjustment we get in 2023 is orderly — tenants get a break on rent prices, investors take some losses, the market rebalances and life moves on in 2024. The risk is something more chaotic: capital dries up, multifamily developers go bankrupt and new construction plunges, leading to years of subdued building in the years ahead. The time to raise alarms is now — this situation is ugly, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.” (Bloomberg Opinion via Washington Post