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  • 01/15/2016 11:18 AM | Anonymous

    The Nova Awards in Gatsby Style: 2015 Central Oklahoma Properties of the Year

    One December night, we gathered with our fellow apartment-industry friends for a huge celebration to have delicious food, show off our jazzy attire and toast each other on a great year.

    Let’s have another round of applause for all the nominees and winners of the Nova Awards, an annual awards gala hosting by the Apartment Association of Central Oklahoma and honoring the best in multifamily housing in central Oklahoma. The event theme this year was “The Great Gatsby.”

    Here’s a highlight of the three communities that received property of the year awards.

    Watersedge Apartments

    Speaking of parties, if Jay Gatsby was looking for a community clubhouse to host his party, he would love the Watersedge Apartments clubhouse with its ravishing ceiling. This would be a divine spot to throw your next party. With its nostalgic feel, it’s no surprise this property won the “Community Over 20 Years Old” category. Curb appeal is also of utmost importance when having guests over for a gathering, and the ambiance of this community’s landscape will leave you breathless with its serene lakeside views. 

    Q&A with Janie Bailey, Regional Supervisor for CS Management LLC 

    Q: If you could have dinner with anyone from the Great Gatsby who would it be and why?

    A: I would have dinner Leonardo DiCaprio because he is gorgeous. 

    Q: What do you love most about being in the apartment industry, and what tips do you have to offer other community managers?

    The apartment business is a very rewarding business.  Our team members are a big reason for our success.  Remember to equip and celebrate your team. The more your team takes ownership and helps the community to grow, the better you are. We try to make sure our team knows how important they are.  There is a lot to making sure all of the small details are taken care of. We want to thank our team for taking care of the behind-the-scenes, everyday things that help make our residents comfortable.  We are honored to be nominated for one of the properties of year and even more honored to have won.

    The Villas at Stonebridge

    No Gatsby party is complete without sipping Champagne by the fire with your guests. When you live in the Villas at Stonebridge, you have an option to include a fireplace in your home. Not to mention, Gatsby parties were about meeting the high expectations of his guests. This apartment would wow your guests with 9-foot ceiling options. We raise high our glasses and toast to the Villas for winning “Community 6 to 20 Years Old.”

    Q&A with Margot Tronnier, property manager at the Villas at Stonebridge

    Q: What is your favorite scene from “The Great Gatsby?”

    A: My favorite scene was when Jay (Leonardo DiCaprio) is looking out over his pool reflecting before he dies. It wraps up the plot with a twist, and I thought it ended in an unexpected way.

    Q: What do you love most about being in the apartment industry, and what advice do you have to offer other communities?

    A: I love staying busy — getting to know the residents and the people I work with. I also am a competitive person, so I love the healthy competition in the industry. My advice to other communities is to have fun and focus on your team morale.  

    Mission Point Apartments

    Having a well-organized wardrobe is of utmost importance when Daisy is deciding what to wear to the next big Gatsby affair. At Mission Point Apartments, loft units provide residents with massive closets so they can find the perfect outfit to turn heads and rock the night away. Let’s not forget the huge garages, where you can park your Rolls-Royce and have direct access to your apartment from the garage. Congrats to Mission Point for winning the award for “Community Up to 5 Years Old.”

    Q&A with Carole Griffin, property manager at Mission Point Apartments 

    Q: If you could have dinner with anyone from the Great Gatsby who would it be and why?

    A: I asked our staff this question and we would love to have dinner with Jay Gatsby because we feel we could learn a lot from him in the area of business. It’s inspiring that he started with nothing and made it to the top. He always had a passion for more.

    Q: What do you love most about being in the apartment industry, and what tips do you have to offer other communities?

    A: I love the people I get to meet daily. I love to meet people from different walks of life and life stages. It’s great that no day is ever the same. My advice to apartment communities is not to skip really focusing on customer service and curb appeal. Treat your residents as if they are your family, and communicate to them that your community is their home.

    We at Apartment Locator are so proud to have shared this year with you all and honored to be partners with the AACO and a part of the apartment industry. Here’s to an even greater 2016.

    content provided by Apartment Locator, thank you!

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